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  3. AS-i ClassicLine – 快速檢測和處理4...20 mA

AS-i ClassicLine – 快速檢測和處理4...20 mA


  • 2和4通道輸入模塊
  • 2通道輸出模塊
  • 非常適合2、3和4線感應器和致動器
  • 精簡的45 mm設計
  • 高防護等級IP 67

Safe and variable quick mounting technology
The slide lock allows fast, safe and easy installation of upper and lower parts of the analogue input and output modules without tools. The user can choose one of three different directions for the flat cable.

Small and compact analogue module
The new models feature a lean design with only half the width of the conventional units.
Where space is at a premium, the 4-channel analogue modules provide an enormous advantage. They detect and process analogue signals very quickly. Powerful LEDs guarantee safe detection of state and diagnostic information. 

The units feature the high protection rating IP 67 and have been designed for industrial field applications.
They are particularly suited for pressure and level measurement (e.g. in silos) and for packaging machines.