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  1. 產品新聞
  2. 狀態監測
  3. 具擴展功能的VSE型電子診斷裝置



  • IEPE或振動感應器的柔性連接至所有4個動態通道
  • 各種濾波器應用於實時峰值監控
  • 響應時間小于1 ms,同時為機器保護提供可變的報警級别
  • 增强的準確性并改進瞭内存功能
  • 32個運行時間和性能計數器

High performance diagnostic electronics
Vibration analysis protects machine components, tools and workpieces during machining against costly consequential damage and avoids scrap. 
In addition to the proven MEMS-based accelerometers from ifm electronic (type VSA), accelerometers, microphones, or force sensors which are based on the IEPE standard can also be connected to the revised diagnostic electronics. 
Using the higher accuracy it is now possible to increase the resolution of large measuring ranges. 
It is also possible to select different filters for process monitoring and machine protection. Up to 32 counters provide vibration characteristics, performance and run-time information which can be used to optimise production.