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  1. From vibration monitoring to Industry 4.0
  2. Product overview

Suitable products for all applications.

Basic vibration sensor and transmitter

Vibration sensors and transmitters for permanent monitoring of the overall vibration condition of machines and plants to ISO 10816. The sensors measure the rms vibration velocity on a non-rotating component surface.

Basic vibration transmitter type VT
Simple transmitter function, 4...20 mA.

Basic vibration sensor type VK
Switching output and transmitter function. Response delay to avoid triggering at start-up.

Vibration sensor VVB
Switching output and IO-Link technology to transmit multiple process values.

Intelligent vibration sensors

The compact vibration sensor type VN monitors the overall vibration condition of machines and plants to ISO 10816. It is characterised by easy parameter setting and a local display. Configuration software is not a necessity.

Intelligent vibration sensors type VN
On board display, history storage for documentation, for rotating machines >120 rpm.

Diagnostic electronics

6-channel diagnostic system for the evaluation of dynamic signals (e.g. acceleration) and analogue inputs. Flexible, detailed monitoring and analysis. Ethernet TCP/IP and fieldbus interface (only VSE15x) for connection to and integration into a higher-level system / the PLC.

Diagnostic electronics
4-channel diagnostic module with additional process value inputs, integrated history memory, networking possible.

Diagnostic electronics type VSE002 / VSE100
Frequency-selective monitoring, history memory with real-time clock, counter function, network capability TCP/IP.

Diagnostic electronics type VSE150
Frequency-selective monitoring, history memory with real time clock, counter function, network capability TCP/IP, PROFINET/IO interface.

Acceleration sensors

Acceleration sensors measure the dynamic forces at the machine surface and deliver the raw signal for a downstream vibration monitoring or vibration diagnostics e.g. in the diagnostic electronics type VSE.

Acceleration sensors type VSA / VSP
Robust acceleration sensors in different housings of type VSA or VSP, also for mounting in difficult to access areas. Various measuring ranges with voltage output (100 mV/g) or current loop (0...10 mA). Connection to the VSE diagnostic electronics.

Acceleration sensors type VSA
Trouble-free operation in the event of fast movement or influence of high forces. Integrated self-test for permanent safety.

Intrinsically safe acceleration sensor type VSP0xA
For the measurement of vibration in hazardous areas. Connection to the VSE diagnostic electronics installed outside the ATEX zone via a barrier.

Software and accessories

The software VES004 is used for the parameter setting and the online data monitoring of all intelligent vibration sensors and diagnostic electronics. The ifm OPC server software can be used for the connection of the vibration diagnostics to higher-level systems (SCADA, MES, ERP).

OPC is a standard for manufacturer-independent communication in automation technology; it offers high flexibility and an easy implementation. The ifm software SMARTOBSERVER is a software with many functions for online visualisation, storage and analysis of measured values with the purpose of monitoring the condition of machines and plants. Besides mounting adapters ifm offers an extensive range of connection technology (e.g. sockets, Y cables) for different operating conditions as accessories.

The choice is yours.

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