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Safe speed monitor uses standard sensors as pick-ups

Safe monitoring of underspeed

  • Easy parameter setting via rotary switch
  • No restrictions for the design of the cam disc
  • Monitoring functions can be enabled / disabled
  • Reliable operation at extreme ambient temperatures down to -40 °C
  • Housing width only 25 mm

The speed monitor DU110S has been developed for safety-related minimum-speed monitoring required, for example, for slip or V-belt monitoring.
An application example is the industrial thermoprocessing equipment according to EN 746-2. In this case, safety-related monitoring of the air exchange is required. To do so, monitoring is done via the rotational speed monitoring of the fans.

Special features
The speed monitor is certified to EN 62061 / SIL 3 and EN ISO 13849-1 cat. 4 / PL e – even though non-safetyrelated sensors are used as pulse pick-ups. When the safety output has been triggered, it can be reset again manually or automatically.