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Full-metal inductive sensors for reliable distance measurement

Direct detection of changing mechanical distances and easy parameter setting via IO-Link interface

  • Reliable end position detection via distance measurement
  • High-grade stainless steel housing (316L)
  • Large temperature range up to 100 °C
  • For universal use, IP 65 to IP 69K
  • Adjustable thanks to IO-Link smart sensor profile

Full-metal IO-Link sensors
In harsh operating conditions, full-metal sensors cope with multiple requirements. Their large temperature range and high protection ratings allow for universal use. Due to the measuring sensor, the distance to the target can be permanently monitored. A change in the mechanical distances is immediately detected, allowing for preventive readjustment so as to reduce possible standstill times. The smart sensor profile provides various setting options. Switch points and output functions can be configured. Stock-keeping of different sensor types is no longer necessary as any required setting can be obtained by means of the IO-Link interface.