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ifm spotted: unexpected find in Sydney!

Australian ifm colleagues discover ifm sensors in Sydney and share their find with their colleagues in the ifm group of companies.

With over five million citizens, Sydney, the capital city founded in the 18th century, is Australia's largest city.

During a relaxed evening walk after work, ifm colleagues Dan Buzatu and Aditya Kunder discovered several ifm sensors on the bridge of a terminal for international arrivals and departures. The terminal is located on the site where the first colonialists landed in 1788.
Only a few hundred metres away is the Sydney Harbour Bridge and directly opposite the location of the sensors is the Sydney Opera House, considered by many to be a marvel of architecture in the modern world. Before COVID-19, the terminal was mainly used by famous and luxurious cruise ships, such as The Queen Elizabeth. Curiosity about how the bridge might work drove the two to take a closer look. 

They immediately noticed that the bridge was underneath equipped with inductive ifm sensors and cables. Because of the distances, they could not see the type labels, but they quickly counted about 6 O1D and 12 M30 ifm sensors. The bridge was built by a Spanish company called Adelete.

Impressed by their unexpected find, and, especially by the location and the historical importance of the site, the two ifm colleagues felt the urge to tell bystanding people about their find and its functions. They spent so much time inspecting the bridge that they were getting afraid their curiosity might be misinterpreted.

In conclusion, Dan Buzatu shared a view with which we can only agree. It is nice to see that the ifm group of companies can be found all over the world.