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Sensors for mobile machines - Temperature transmitters

Sensors for mobile machinery - Temperature transmitters

The compact transmitters of the TA/TU/TM series are specially designed for use in for mobile machines. The class A Pt1000 measuring element achieves a high precision with the factory-internal calibration. The innovation besides the wide measuring range is the excellent response time. Thanks to their high protection rating, fully welded stainless steel housing and high pressure resistance, the transmitters are particularly suited for use in harsh industrial environments. They are particularly suited for hydraulic and pneumatic applications with high operating pressures thanks to their high vibration and shock resistance.
A voltage range of 10 to 60 V for temperature transmitters ensures that even high fluctuations of the on-board system do not affect the function. To comply with the ever increasing EMC requirements in mobile applications the devices feature an increased EMC resistance. Many sensors have the e1 type approval.
The sensors are available with different probe lengths, process connections and measuring ranges. A variety of adapters facilitates integration into the machine.