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Volume determination for storage and conveyor technology

Flexible and universal use for stationary or moving objects

  • Non-contact dimensioning of rectangular objects such as cardboard packages or parcels
  • Determination and comparison of dimensions, orientation and position
  • Provides height, width and length to calculate strap length and volume
  • Quality parameters help with the detection of damaged or deformed objects
  • Switching outputs and Ethernet process data interface

The revolution in intralogistics
Whether pallets, post room, storage building, logistics or distribution centre: The storage volume that can be used defines the capacity and the costs.
A good reason to ensure the best-possible use of the space requirement during feeding.
The new 3D sensor detects the dimensions of the goods via innovative time-of-flight technology. It signals via threshold values if e.g. package parameters are outside the defined areas.
For automated storage space planning via WMS (Warehouse Management System) or ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning) it provides the size, orientation and position of the objects. The data is also used for controlling robots, sorting equipment and distribution gates. Besides robustness the sensor is also distinguished by user-friendly handling and simple integration.