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BREXIT Planning Information

Dear Customer,

As you can imagine as a European manufacturer we are being asked now with increasing frequency, what our plans are for BREXIT. Due to the volume of requests to fill in detailed forms, we have concluded that we cannot answer each of these individually and instead we have written this letter to clarify our current position.

First, like the government and everyone else we do not know yet what will happen. There are three dates, which are crucial:

  1. The EU summit in October;
  2. A special EU summit in November [ not yet confirmed ]
  3. A date in January when the UK Government has to inform Parliament what is the agreed plan if there is any.

We are in a difficult position just as yourselves due to the lack of clarity with the end deal, so what do we plan to do?

ifm electronic Ltd is in the fortunate position that we have always had a UK based warehouse stocking the most commonly required parts meaning that even in the case worst case BREXIT scenario we will still be able to deliver from stock next day.
However, we are aware that in the worst case it could be that replenishment of this stock has additional delays placed upon it.

Due to this, we have already begun to prepare for additional off-site storage space that can be used as a buffer to help continuity of supply until the actual impact on lead times can be truly measured.
In addition to the extra storage space, we have already increased the storage within our existing warehouse creating new locations.

Finally, we are identifying the critical items based on the volume sold and regularity of purchase so that additional stock can be put in place if required in time for the end of March 2019.

We can assure you that all possible scenarios are being discussed internally and within reason, we are taking all possible preparations.

Best regards

Imtiaz Kabir
Managing Director
ifm electronic Ltd

Date: 01/10/2018