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Safety relays - For fail-safe sensors / E-STOP switchgear

  • Self-monitoring, short-circuit proof inputs and outputs
  • E-STOP with cross-fault monitoring and optional simultaneity monitoring
  • Connection of mechanical safety switches and fail-safe sensors
  • Two-hand control device to EN 574, type IIIC
  • Monitored or automatic start selectable

For fail-safe sensors / E-stop devices

Safety relays can be used in a variety of ways. They perform monitoring tasks in safety applications in combination with different non-contact guards. They are capable of evaluating signals from safety light grids, safety light curtains, position sensors with and without cross-fault monitoring, electronic safety sensors or mechanical safety switches for protective guard contacts. The safety relay has several multifunctional self-detecting and self-monitoring short-circuit protected inputs and outputs. The simultaneity monitoring of inputs and the functions "monitored" or "automatic start" can be set as an option. The operation in two-hand control to EN 574 type IIIC in combination with electronic sensors or mechanical switches is another advantage of the safety relay.