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RFID 125 kHz - Read/write heads with AS-i interface

  • Identification system in 125 kHz technology for industrial use
  • Reliable coding of workpiece carriers in routing conveyors
  • Ready for operation immediately thanks to fixed setting
  • Particularly space-saving design
  • Compact and at a low cost: Antenna and evaluation in one housing

Read/write head with AS-Interface

The RF identification system for 125 kHz enables non-contact reading from and/or writing to RFID transponders (ID tags). The compact read/write heads include, in addition to the antenna, the complete evaluation and the interface to AS-Interface. So the units can be operated directly in the AS-i network. The data is converted into digitally coded values and provided to the AS-i control level without further programming. Applications are found in production lines, where the units are used for material flow control.
In rail-borne conveyor systems, code carriers (ID tags) are attached to the containers, goods carriers or workpiece carriers to be identified. When they enter the detection zone of the read/write heads, the data is read. Up to 31 devices can be controlled by an AS-i master.
The product range comprises read/write heads for detection zones of different sizes and a large variety of ID tags.