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Evaluation units for flow monitoring

  • High repeatability
  • Simple setting mode for quick set-up
  • Variable process connection using adapters
  • Reliable monitoring of liquids and gases
  • Electronic locking of the setting values

Evaluation units

In applications where it is not possible to use flow sensors with integrated evaluation, sensors are used in combination with evaluation units. Examples include hazardous areas, confined spaces or if flow values are to be indicated in a decentralised manner.
The product range comprises evaluation units for control cabinet installation or local mounting. Depending on the unit, it is possible to monitor flow, temperature and/or wire break. All units indicate the flow by means of an LED bar graph.
The evaluation units for local mounting are connected to the flow sensor directly at the measuring point using an M12 connector.
Sensors and evaluation systems are designed and approved for use in hazardous areas according to the applicable directives.