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Photoelectric sensors - Infrared temperature sensors with display

  • Two independent switching outputs, universal programming
  • Scratch-resistant precision lenses for minimum sensitivity to scattered light
  • Intuitive, user-friendly handling
  • Reliable temperature measurement up to 1350 °C

Infrared temperature sensors with display

Sensors for infrared temperature measurement provide reliable position detection of objects with high temperatures, such as in the steel or glass industries.

The sensors detect the infrared radiation emitted by the objects and convert them into an output signal. If the detected temperature is above the set switching threshold, the switching output is set and the switching status of the LEDs is displayed.

The switching thresholds and output configurations can be set easily by means of the buttons and the display. During operation the display shows the current measured value.

Thanks to their robust housing and high-quality precision lens, the sensors can be used in extremely harsh industrial environments.