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Accessories for AS-Interface - Extensions, terminations and testing of the cable

  • Passive bus termination for increasing the cable length
  • Extension of the cable by another 100 m using additional repeater
  • Total length of up to 600 m possible
  • Can be used in any network topology
  • Quick and easy mounting of the bus termination with flat cable insulation displacement connector

Cable extensions, bus terminations and AS-i testers

AS-i repeaters are used to extend the cable length of an AS-i network by another 100 metres. The number of possible participants remains unchanged. Each repeater has an electrical separation which divides the network into two segments. Each segment has its own voltage supply.
The AS-i bus termination is used to prevent communication problems in the network.
The AS-i tuner is a diagnostic module that allows extension of the cable to a maximum of 200 metres without an additional repeater. It monitors the message quality and displays critical states via LEDs.
The AS-i tester can be used for AS-i network diagnosis during operation.