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Accessories for distance sensors - Cooling boxes and protective housings for distance sensors

  • Use for ambient temperatures up to 180 °C
  • Robust metal housing with integrated cooling circuit
  • Water or air cooling possible
  • Reliable protection against very harsh environmental conditions
  • For distance sensors type O1D

Cooling and protection box for distance sensors

In case of ambient temperatures up to 180 °C, powerful electronics should be cooled to protect them from overheating. Using the cooling box, the distance sensor O1D can now also be used in hot applications, e.g. in the steel industry.

After connection to a cooling circuit via the standardised 3/8" tube connections, the temperature on the inside of the cooling box can be cooled down to an "electronics friendly" temperature by means of water and cold air.

If you screw off the tube connections, the box can be used as protection casing for very harsh industrial operating conditions.