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Electronic 24 V DC circuit breakers with IO-Link

Electronic 24 V DC fuses with IO-Link

Electronic fuses permanently monitor the 24 V secondary circuit and reliably switch it off in the event of a failure. These electronic circuit breakers will also switch off circuits in cases where mechanical circuit breakers often do not trigger, e.g. in case of overload of a circuit with long cables.
The system has a modular structure and consists of a feed module and side-by-side mountable fuse modules. By means of a pushbutton, each channel of a fuse module can be activated, deactivated or reset individually. The module can also be operated and configured via IO-Link. All data is directly transferred to the connected IO-Link master. The system also transmits diagnostic information, for example which module has triggered how often. It is also possible to switch on circuits separately for set-up or to restart the system remotely via IO-Link after a failure.
The LINERECORDER SENSOR software is used to visualise, transfer and archive parameter sets.