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Splitter boxes for use in wet areas and in the food industry

  • Central diagnostic window with status LEDs
  • Specially for the use in hygienic applications
  • High protection rating for the requirements of harsh industrial environments
  • 10...36 V supply and signals via common 19-pole cable
  • Large number of slots

Splitter boxes

ProcessLine splitter boxes are used where several sensor signals are collected and forwarded to the control system via a common cable. They offer high protection against moisture ingress and high material resistance to aggressive liquids.
ProcessLine splitter boxes are specially designed for wet areas in the food and beverage industry. With a full stainless steel housing and protection rating IP 69K, the units are built to meet the hygienic requirements of high-pressure cleaning cycles. The housing has neither corners nor edges and thus bacteria cannot attack.
With just one screw, the ProcessLine splitter box can be mounted in any position to ensure that no drops or deposits can collect on the front.
All electrical connections are M12 connectors with radial sealing. The clearly visible status LEDs are integrated in one central light dome.