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Sensors for mobile machines - Analogue cameras

  • Universal use due to analogue video output
  • Encapsulated, weather-proof aluminium housing
  • High shock and vibration resistance
  • Temperature-controlled lens heating
  • EU type approval e4

Cameras for mobile applications - Analogue cameras

O2M series cameras with analogue video output are used to monitor blind spots around mobile machines and commercial vehicles. The video output can be directly connected to a dialogue module with graphics capabilities and colour display. The connected display is capable of displaying the images of up to four cameras at the same time. Variants with different angles of aperture are offered for different operating distances and field of view sizes.
The system is enclosed in a sturdy metal housing rated IP 69K so that it can be mounted outside of the vehicle or machine. With temperature-controlled lens heating, the camera can be used in snowy and icy conditions.
Applications include rear area and blind spot monitoring on construction machines, agricultural machinery and municipal vehicles.