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Level sensors - Modular transmitter concept for hygienic applications

  • Adjustment for optimum adaptation to the installation conditions
  • Aseptoflex Vario thread for a multitude of process adapters
  • Probe lengths of 15...200 cm
  • Suitable for medium temperatures up to 150 °C

Modular probe concept for hygienic applications

The LR series level sensor operates to the principle of guided wave radar and measures the level using electromagnetic pulses in the nanosecond range. It is particularly suited for continuous level monitoring in food and beverage applications due to food-grade materials and hygienic installation possibilities. The sensor allows detection of almost all media, even extremely adhering or non-conductive ones. Even with foam or high temperatures precise level detection is guaranteed.
The sensor is installed directly in the tank using a mounting or welding adapter (e.g. clamp, pipe fitting, Varivent), which can be obtained as an option. If necessary, the probe can be easily shortened and adapted to the tank by the user.
The unit has two switching outputs which can be programmed as normally open or normally closed. For output of the measured value, one switching output can also be configured as a scalable analogue output.
Setting of all parameters as well as programming of the switch points and indication of the current level are carried out via programming buttons and a 4-digit alphanumeric display. The sensor can also be configured via IO-Link, e.g. using a USB interface. The LINERECORDER SENSOR software is used to visualise, transfer and archive parameter sets.