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Pressure sensors / Vacuum sensors - Part seat monitoring

  • Adjustment to the required gap distance using the mechanical setting dial
  • High long-term stability
  • Operation with low supply pressure
  • Two switch points: Fine / coarse detection and additional function check
  • Non-contact measurement in the micrometre range

Part seat monitoring

The PS7570 sensor for part seat monitoring checks whether the workpieces to be processed or gripped lie flat.
In machine tools and machining centres, it can be used for part seat or presence detection of workpieces or workpiece carriers.
The sensor works according to the principle of pneumatic backpressure measurement. It measures the difference between the backpressure at the backpressure nozzles and the defined reference pressure. The system even detects gap distances in the µm range. The reference pressure can be set and reproduced easily by turning the setting dial. A bright 4-digit LED display and an intuitive menu facilitate adjustment, set-up and maintenance of the sensor.