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Pressure sensors / Vacuum sensors - Submersible pressure transmitters

  • Low-cost, simple level measurement
  • Pressure compensation via internally vented cable
  • Reduced wiring complexity when operated as two-wire current loop
  • High overall accuracy and long-term stability
  • Versions with ATEX, IECEx and GL approval

Submersible pressure transmitters

The submersible pressure transmitters of the PS3 series are designed for level measurement in containers, tanks, drill holes, wells, streaming water, or wastewater plants. The sensors are characterised by their precise output signal and long-term stability.
The sensors have an analogue output signal and are based on two-wire technology. This reduces the wiring complexity in new installations and facilitates exchange in existing two-wire connections.
Optional accessories like an additional weight or a cable clamp fastener allow optimum adaptation to the application.