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Capacitive level sensor for industrial applications

Capacitive level sensor without float in machine tools prevents glueing of moving parts

  • No sticking of moving parts, e.g. floats
  • Level measurement for water/oil-based media
  • Integrated overflow prevention
  • 4 x switching outputs, 2 x switching outputs or 1 x analogue and 1 x switching output
  • Available in 3 lengths
    (264 mm, 472 mm and 728 mm)

Capacitive level sensor
The LK capacitive level sensor evaluates the capacitance of the medium. This measuring principle requires no moving parts and is therefore not affected by foam and soiling in the medium.

The ideal sensor for industrial applications
The LK is suitable for water/oil-based media and can therefore be used in hydraulic and coolant tanks. Thanks to the integrated overflow prevention the workshop remains dry and the tanks to be monitored remain filled. Besides conventional set-up via pushbuttons and display, the LK family can also be configured quickly and easily via IO-Link (e.g. USB interface). IO-Link continuously transmits the level, independently of the output function of the sensor.

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