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For 8-pole sockets the core colours are not standardised.
Please note the wiring of the sensor and the sockets (see data sheet).
Please see the technical note under "Downloads"

Electronic level and temperature sensor



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Technische Details
Media hydrous coolants; oils; oil-based media; water; media similar to water
Dielectric constant of the medium > 2
Cannot be used for extremely conductive media; adhering media; granulates; bulk material; acids; alkali
Tank pressure [bar] 0.5; (when mounting with mounting accessories: E43001 - E43007, E43019)
Medium temperature [°C] 0...35; (with climatic tube E43102)
Medium temperature [°C] 0...70
Medium temperature short time [°C] 0...90; (< 1 h)
Medium temperature [°C] 0...35; (with climatic tube E43102 35...55 °C)
Electrical data
Operating voltage [V] 18...30 DC
Current consumption [mA] < 50
Protection class III
Reverse polarity protection yes
Power-on delay time [s] < 3
Inputs / outputs
Number of inputs and outputs Number of digital outputs: 4
Total number of outputs 4
Output signal switching signal; IO-Link
Electrical design PNP/NPN
Number of digital outputs 4
Output function normally open / normally closed; (parameterisable)
Max. voltage drop switching output DC [V] 2.5
Permanent current rating of switching output DC [mA] 200
Short-circuit protection yes
Type of short-circuit protection thermal, pulsed
Overload protection yes
Measuring/setting range
Factory setting 2 switching outputs level (OUT1, OUT2); 2 switching outputs temperature (OUT3, OUT4); mineral oils
Probe length L [mm] 728
Active range A [mm] 585
Inactive range I1 / I2 [mm] 104 / 39
Setting range
Set point SP [mm] 60...590
Reset point rP [mm] 50...580
In steps of [mm] 10
Reference point OP [mm] 200 - 240 - 280 - 310 - 350 - 390 - 420 - 460 - 500 - 530 - 570 - 610 - OFF
Hysteresis, OP [mm] 4
Temperature monitoring
Measuring range [°C] 0...90
Set point SP [°C] 0.5...90
Reset point rP [°C] 0...89.5
In steps of [°C] 0.5
Resolution of switching output [K] 0.5
Accuracy / deviations
Measuring error [% of the final value] ± 5
Repeatability ± 2
Resolution [mm] 10
Temperature monitoring
Switch point accuracy [K] ± 1,5
Resolution [K] 0.5
Dynamic response T09 [s] 90
Software / programming
Parameter setting options hysteresis / window; normally open / normally closed; SP/rP position; OP position; adjustment OP; medium selection; offset setting; Display unit; process value assignment
Communication interface IO-Link
Transmission type COM2 (38,4 kBaud)
IO-Link revision 1.1
SDCI standard IEC 61131-9
IO-Link device ID 0x000014
Profiles Smart Sensor: Process Data Variable; Device Identification, Device Diagnosis
SIO mode yes
Required master port type A
Process data analogue 4
Process data binary 4
Min. process cycle time [ms] 4.5
Operating conditions
Ambient temperature [°C] 0...60
Storage temperature [°C] -25...80
Protection IP 67
Tests / approvals
DIN EN 61000-6-2
DIN EN 61000-6-4
Shock resistance
DIN EN 60068-2-27 15 g (11 ms)
Vibration resistance
DIN EN 60068-2-6 5 g (10...2000 Hz)
MTTF [years] 224
Mechanical data
Weight [g] 560
Dimensions [mm] Ø 16
Materials stainless steel (1.4301 / 304); stainless steel (1.4404 / 316L); FKM; NBR; PBT; PC; PA; PP; TPV
Materials (wetted parts) PP
Displays / operating elements
Display unit 4 x LED, green (cm, inch, °C, °F)
switching status 4 x LED, yellow (OUT4...OUT1)
measured values alphanumeric display, 4-digit
parameter setting alphanumeric display, 4-digit
Notes For 8-pole sockets the core colours are not standardised.; Please note the wiring of the sensor and the sockets (see data sheet).; Please see the technical note under "Downloads"
Pack quantity 1 pcs.
Electrical connection
Connection Connector: 1 x M12
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