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Photoelectric sensors - Small rectangular design O7

  • For reliable position detection
  • Ready for operation immediately thanks to fixed setting
  • Simple alignment due to visible red light
  • Diffuse reflection sensor with precise background suppression
  • Small light spot for the detection of small objects

Photoelectric sensors - Small rectangular design O7

Small rectangular design O7

The particularly small photoelectric O7 sensors are designed to provide reliable position detection in feeding, assembly and handling applications with limited space.

The product range includes through-beam sensors, retro-reflective sensors and diffuse reflection sensors with precise background suppression.

The visible red light simplifies installation and set-up. The small light spot and the narrow light cone enable the detection of very small objects even over long distances. Due to their fixed setting, the sensors are ready for operation immediately after installation.

A wide range of system components ensures easy and safe integration into the application.