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Automated collision warning for mobile machines

  • Simple application solutions thanks to preprocessed 3D data
  • Easy integration via predefined CODESYS function blocks
  • Patented PMD Time of Flight technology for quick distance detection
  • Intuitive logic editor for programme creation up to trigonometric functions

Mobile O3M 3D Smart Sensors

3D detection of surroundings and objects around mobile machines is already standard for future-oriented and efficiently operating vehicles. Whether vehicle automation or reliable collision warning – with the integrated functions and the intuitive logic editor, many applications can be solved quickly.


The simple connection of the 3D smart sensors is carried out via the CAN bus for mobile applications using the CANopen or SAE-J1939 protocol and/or via the fast Ethernet interface using UDP. Digital and analogue inputs/outputs are also available via an optional I/O module.

Features and benefits

Powerful 3D Time of Flight measurement (ToF)

The principle of these 3D sensors is based on ifm's patented and award-winning PMD technology. It was specifically designed for outdoor use and difficult ambient light situations. Even interference such as sunlight or materials with different reflective characteristics do not influence the repeatability of the measured data.

Smart functions

The mobile 3D smart sensors integrate functions which enable a multitude of applications to be solved. A highly developed algorithm from the automotive industry is used ensuring, for example, reliable automatic object recognition of up to 20 objects. This function can, for example, be used as collision warning in airports during the automated docking of gangways to aircrafts, during grape harvesting with automatic line guidance along the grape row or as a collision warning on construction machines, mining vehicles or industrial trucks, e.g. forklifts.

For simple distance tasks typical functions such as minimum / maximum / average distance are available.

System parameter setting and monitoring

The parameter setting of the system and live monitoring of the 3D data are carried out via the easy-to-use ifm vision wizard for Windows. As an alternative, parameter setting can also be carried out via function blocks using the software CODESYS.

Communication interfaces

The preprocessed function data is output via the CAN bus using CANopen or SAE J 1939. If needed, the complete 3D information can be processed via Ethernet UDP and an external process unit.

Digital and analogue inputs/outputs are also available via the optional ZZ1102 I/O module.