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Configurable signal lamps

  • Perfect visibility
  • Modern LED RGB technology – long life, reduced stockkeeping
  • Different modes configurable via IO-Link or setting menu
  • Also as standard version with digital inputs
  • Easy installation

High performance

Signal lamps are used for status indication or as warning device everywhere in factories on machines, conveyors and installations. ifm’s innovative signal lamps offer several advantages over conventional signal lamps and are therefore suitable for demanding applications.

Flexible configuration

In general signal lamps must be adapted to the application. Instead of spending time and effort on screwing modules of different colours together, the new LED RGB technology makes it possible to adjust the signal lamp as needed via IO-Link or setting button (e.g. permanently on, low flash rate, high flash rate, different colours, siren). This reduces type variety and stock-keeping.


The signal lamps DV13xx / DV15xx have digital inputs and can be configured by means of a setting button on the device. The signal lamps DV23xx / DV25xx can be controlled and set via IO-Link without a setting button.

For demanding environments

Neither water nor dust stick to the smooth surface of the lamp body. This prevents dirt from sticking, ensuring visibility of the signal lamp in the long run.
No metallic components such as screws or connectors are exposed. This means that the lamps are particularly suited for use in the food industry and in the medical, pharmaceutical or chemical sector.

Optimum visibility

The patented technology creates a strong contrast between the light spot of the LED and the environment. This ensures optimum visibility, in particular in the event of extraneous light, for example in the vicinity of large windows.

Long life

The use of LED technology means the signal lamp has a very long life.


The LED RGB technology allows the signal lamp to be individualised (permanently on, low flash rate, high flash rate, different colours). This reduces type variety and stock-keeping.
The lamp can be put into different operating modes, e.g. analogue mode for level indication. 7 different signal sounds can be set for the siren.

Easy installation

A fixture is supplied with the device. In addition, a version with a mounting base is available which allows raised installation. This mounting base can be rotated by 90 degrees so that wall mounting is possible without further accessories. Moreover, accessories for pole mounting are available.