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Easy monitoring of process values directly on the smartphone

  • New IO-Link inline Bluetooth plug*
  • ifm QuickLook app available for smartphones as well as tablets
  • Transparent to the master

Improved performance thanks to IO-Link

  • Extensive history memory
  • Transmission of all process values and events from a sensor

Process values can be viewed quickly and conveniently on the smart phone
With the new plug and the corresponding ifm QuickLook app users can now directly monitor the measurement values and events transmitted via IO-Link. To do so, the plug is simply installed into the cable between the IO-Link sensor and the master and a Bluetooth connection is set up between the smartphone and the IO-Link Bluetooth plug. This system is perfect to monitor process values from sensors that cannot be accessed or have no display. Moreover, the plug features a history memory for data recording which simplifies plant diagnosis.

System requirements
The app is available in Apple’s App Store and in the Google Play Store. It requires an iOS operating system as from version 8.0 or an Android operating system as from version 4.3. The smartphone must support Bluetooth 4.0.

*The list of countries, which can use this plug, can be found in the Bluetooth plug's data sheet.