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Fibre optic sensor: smart, fast, convenient

  • Intelligent clamping system simplifies installation
  • Fast set-up thanks to intuitive menu navigation and OLED display
  • Automatic selection of the right operating mode
  • Two switching outputs - for fast processes and diagnostic options
  • Helpful maintenance functions support the system availability

OCF Fibre optic sensor

Convenient installation and operation

When the smallest or most transparent objects have to be detected in applications where space is limited: fibre optic technology is the best choice. With the OCF fibre optic sensor, this technology can be used even more easily and reliably. Already during installation the OCF proves to be very convenient: two spring-loaded locating lugs allow the OCF to be mounted on a DIN rail with one hand. The fibrelock system simplifies mounting and securing of the fibre optics. Thanks to the automatic selection of the optimal operating mode and the intelligent maintenance functions, the OCF works always reliably under all conditions and thus contributes to high performance and availability of the system.

Fibre optics