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Temperature sensors - Bolt-on and screw-in sensors

  • Screw-in, bolt-on and cylindrical temperature sensors
  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • Precise temperature measurement using an integrated Pt100 sensor element, class A
  • Different cable lengths from 2 to 5 m
  • Simple and 100% sealed connection via M12 connector

Bolt-on and screw-in sensors

The TS series temperature sensors for connection to a control monitor reliably detect temperatures in tanks, pipes and on machine surfaces. Bolt-on and screw-in sensors with connection cable are used if the available space for mounting is limited.
Just like the vibration behaviour, the housing temperature is indicative of the condition, quality and life expectancy of a bearing or motor. A bolt-on temperature probe mounted on the housing measures the temperature and transmits the measured values to a display and evaluation unit of the type TR or to a temperature plug of the type TP.
Some sensor types are designed and approved for use in hazardous areas according to the applicable directives.