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Monitoring of mobile machines in development

Optimise your development process

Monitor field tests from your office and shorten development times

Use mobile IoT to accelerate time to market for products, functions and features – all without having to interrupt important field tests.

In the development process, receiving regular feedback on the current development and existing features is essential. This is why engineers usually ask their customers for feedback during the test phase. This process is often time-consuming and provides only part of the information needed. With mobile IoT, engineers can permanently monitor a machine’s performance without having to be on site. Once the machine has been supplied, data transfer can start. Development teams can use the collected data to improve the machines. The fast and detailed exchange of data helps speed up time to market, increase effectiveness and reduce costs.

Cloud-based software updates during the field test phase

Without leaving their desk, users can access, change and upload parameter settings to the machine. This, in combination with remote updates, can reduce service and travel costs. Visits to the workshop become shorter or less frequent.

Efficient development of new products: collect, store and analyse machine usage data

In this process of information gathering and long-term analysis, mobile IoT plays a central role, as both current and historical data can be visualised. The data sent from the machine to the cloud is converted into readable information and then stored. In addition, the raw data can be analysed in the cloud and the results can be made available to the users. This automated analysis facilitates and accelerates data acquisition and increases reactivity. The collected data is stored for 5 years, making it possible to use relevant data over a long period of time. The project team responsible for new developments can access this data to gain a detailed understanding of the machine’s utilisation and decide which features to prioritise. This information provides a solid basis for decision making.

mobile IoT also lets you send notifications and reports. The operator is continuously informed about the machine’s condition and immediately receives a notification in case of problems.

A permanent connection between the machine and the cloud enables live monitoring of process values and facilitates troubleshooting and diagnostics (software, CANbus).

Advantages and benefits of mobile IoT for mobile machine development

mobile IoT = visualisation, data analysis and service & development tools

  • Performance: mobile IoT provides detailed insights and valuable information on machine performance in the field

  • Time to market: mobile IoT is an easy way to monitor field tests of new products from the office. Travel costs and time to market are reduced as a result

  • Diagnostics: In the event of a failure or problem, the machine can be inspected from a distance

  • Troubleshooting: mobile IoT enables real-time troubleshooting of software errors

  • Software updates: Update software or correct errors from a distance at short notice

  • Enhanced quality: In the cloud, detailed information on machine usage in the field is provided, constantly increasing your market knowledge

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Service packages and hardware: the optimum combination

With mobile IoT your possibilities are unlimited

The mobile IoT service packages give you maximum flexibility thanks to different data volume options. The range of services also includes live connections for maintenance and service. In addition, a matching communication module for your network will allow you to quickly and easily put together the ideal hardware-machine combination for your specific application. Choose the service package and hardware that works best for you: