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Temperature transmitters from ifm – the alternative to head transmitters

With display for the food and beverage industry

The Challenge
Head transmitters are probably the most commonly used units for temperature measurement. A typical weak point is moisture ingress through porous or incorrectly positioned seals. The moisture enters the electronics causing corrosion which in turn leads to a temperature drift with incorrect measurements which are not always recognized immediately.

The Solution
For this reason ifm designed the temperature transmitter series TA / TD for the process and hygienic sector. They have a fully stainless steel housing in hygienic design. The electronics are already integrated in the housing. In comparison to head transmitters you do not need to order the housing and electronics separately which results in a longer order code. Furthermore the inaccuracy of measurement element is are clearly given in the datasheets of ifm units. Thanks to protection rating IP 69K the sensors are resistant to high pressure cleaning. They provide reliable and accurate temperature measurement of media in tanks and vessels.

Example of a complex order code for a temperature head transmitter.

The Advantages
With the temperature transmitters with (TD series) and without display (TA series) ifm offers plug and play units with factory settings. Assembly and wiring as with head transmitters are no longer necessary: Display, measuring element and electronics are integrated into one housing. Mounting and installation are therefore reduced to a minimum. In comparison to head transmitters errors are avoided when setting up the unit as assembly and wiring is not necessary.
With blind transmitters such as head transmitters the user has no simple possibility of a function check. When the sensor is wired up the user cannot see from the outside if it functions. The TD series has a clearly readable display which in comparison to the head transmitter provides a local display of the temperature value. The TA series has integrated status LEDs.

The Product Range
The sensors are available with different probe lengths, process connections and measurement ranges. A wide range of adapters facilitates installation. The units are suitable for two or three-wire operation. In three-wire operation the transmitters can communicate with the control system using IO-Link or e.g. the parameters can be set using the USB interface. Using the software LINERECORDER DEVICE it is possible to visualise, transfer and store parameter sets.

All advantages at a glance