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io-key – centralised monitoring of sensor data of small or decentralised applications

Your advantages

Plug & play monitoring:
Sensor-supported plant monitoring without network planning or cabling.
Monitor what's important
Receive alarms via text or email when there is a problem.
Easy set-up:
A power supply and an available GSM network – this is all that io-key requires.

High flexibility:
The installation location can be freely selected – thanks to IP65 even outdoors. Free choice of a great number of IO-Link sensors for all kinds of applications.

low cost in comparison to other industrial cloud solutions.

Installation saves time and money

With io-key, you will opt right from the beginning for an easy-to-handle, yet powerful form of process and plant monitoring. A power supply and an available GSM network – this is all that io-key requires to transmit the data of the connected IO-Link sensors to the cloud. There is no need for complex connection to the company network or to a controller.

  1. Connect to power supply
  2. Connect up to 2 IO-Link capable sensors
  3. Register! Done!

Convenient: alarm function by email or text message, automatic reports

The clear dashboard allows the user to set limit values for the connected sensors with just a few mouse clicks. If these limit values are exceeded, the user will be alerted by email or text message. Moreover, all kinds of data can be summarised and exported automatically in the form or reports.

Powerful: sturdy housing, vast choice of sensors

Whether in a dusty environment or outdoors, thanks to protection rating IP65, io-key is the perfect solution for all kinds of applications. Thanks to two sensor connections, a great variety of monitoring scenarios can be implemented. ifm has many different IO-Link sensors in store for this purpose.

How often do you need information?

Up to 4 different transmission intervals are possible:

  • Once a day →  For daily requests such as levels or point levels.
  • Every hour  →  For example, when monitoring states or temperature values.
  • Every minute →  Für frequent queries such as position detection or machine values.
  • All 10 seconds  →  Ideal for critical queries such as predictive maintenance.

Find the data tariff that fits to your needs:

Look at data tariffs

Monitoring decentralised processes and installations can be that simple.

Flow monitoring at pumping stations

With io-key, you can keep an eye on the proper pumping function of remote or mobile pumping stations at any time. An alarm function immediately reports deviations from the preset value so that the required pumping capacity can be quickly restored.

Level measurement on tanks

Feed silos, tanks for printing ink or concrete additives have one thing in common: they should be refilled before they are completely empty. Suppliers who equip their customer's tanks with io-key can guarantee reliable, uninterrupted product supply. Once a defined level has been reached, logistics can automatically initiate refilling. A great improvement in service quality!

Predictive maintenance on remote machines

Fans in decentralised cold stores or storage facilities can be monitored via io-key as well as remote motors or pumps, for example, in automated agriculture. Damaged bearings, unbalance and similar signs of imminent machine damage will be detected by vibration sensors and reported to the central dashboard via io-key. This prevents unplanned interruption of work processes while the product quality will be maintained thanks to constant storage conditions.

Not convinced, yet?

Up until now it was very time-consuming and expensive to equip remote system parts for monitoring with sensors in order to be able to analyze the signals afterwards.

Product manager Michael Strauss shows how easily and quickly you can do this with the io-Key.