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Pulse stretcher for 24 V switching pulses

  • Stretching and/or delaying of 24 V switching pulses
  • Suitable for use in the field
  • 2-channel version
  • Reliable M12 connection technology
  • Parameter setting via IO-Link possible

Never miss a pulse

Especially in processes with short switching pulses it is a challenge for the control system to reliably detect every single switching pulse of a sensor. This is where the pulse stretcher comes in: every input pulse, no matter how short, is output as a switching signal with a defined duration. In addition, a delay time can be set for the output of the switching signals.

Two parameter setting options

The LED display and the two buttons allow easy parameter setting directly on the device. Alternatively, the pulse stretcher can also be set via IO-Link.

Easy connection

The direct connection to other devices in the field is made via robust and industrially compatible M12 connection technology. The pulse stretcher can be connected directly to a sensor with an M12 connector, for example.

Use in the field

Common timer relays are designed for use in the control cabinet. In contrast, the pulse stretcher can be used directly in the field thanks to its high IP protection. This saves valuable space in the control cabinet.

Output pulses can be defined via three parameters

Switching delay:

The output pulse switches later than the input pulse.

Switch-off delay:

The output pulse switches off later than the input pulse.

Hold time:

Defines the duration of the output pulse.