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Collision protection for automated guided vehicle systems

  • 3D camera also detects obstacles above the detection zone of conventional safety laser scanners
  • The system optimises the collision warning based on speed and steering angle
  • Safe detection even in case of difficult obstacles
  • Three-dimensional detection in driving direction: 60° x 40°
  • Unaffected by ambient light

Powerful obstacle recognition
Collisions of automated guided vehicles in indoor areas with protruding or suspended objects and other obstacles must be avoided under all circumstances. For this purpose, ifm offers the ODS (Obstacles Detection System) collision protection system, which consists of a PMD 3D camera and intelligent integrated software. Supplementing the mandatory safety laser scanner, it monitors the manoeuvring range in three dimensions and can even detect obstacles positioned higher up, such as forklift arms, high-speed doors or crane hooks.

Intelligent prediction
The unit features three collision warning levels. Both the speed and the steering angle are taken into account. This prevents unnecessary braking and provides optimum protection during all vehicle manoeuvres.