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Converter between analogue signals and IO-Link

  • Conversion of analogue signals into IO-Link or vice versa (depending on the version)
  • Supports analogue values as current or voltage signals (4...20mA or 0...10V)
  • Industry 4.0 integration for conventional analogue sensors

Improved performance thanks to IO-Link

  • Easy parameter setting via IO-Link
  • Digital transmission eliminates the risk of EMC interference

Conversion of analogue signals into IO-Link
The converters DP2200 and DP1222 can translate analogue sensor signals 4...20 mA or 0...10 V into digital IO-Link communication. Advantages: Digital process transmission is immune to EMC interference. Moreover, with these converters, it is possible to use older analogue sensors in modern Industry 4.0 applications.

Conversion of IO-Link into analogue signals
The converters DP1213 and DP1223 convert measured digital IO-Link values into two independent analogue output signals, depending on the version, either 4...20 mA or 0...10V. Analogue signals are, for example, needed as target values for proportional valves or for frequency inverters for motor control.