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IO-Link master with extra power

Thanks to power cabling, the current path can simply be daisy-chained​

  • 4 or 8 IO-Link ports with full V1.1 functionality
  • Feed-through of the power supply possible
  • Master and devices configurable via the LR DEVICE software
  • Industry 4.0 ready via LR AGENT EMBEDDED
  • Voltage supply via power cable, M12, T-coded

Robust field bus modules with safe connection
The decentralised IO-Link masters are used as gateways between intelligent IO-Link sensors and the fieldbus. They are the perfect choice, even in the most difficult environments: The materials and production methods are identical to the ifm jumper cables of the tried-and-tested EVC product series. The ecolink technology guarantees reliable, permanently ingressresistant M12 connections of the connection cables.

Extra power
The IO-Link masters are equipped with two T-coded M12 connections for voltage supply. With this power cabling, the current path can simply be daisy-chained. The B ports of the 8-port IO-Link master allow direct connection of IO-Link actuators, such as valve islands.

Advantages and customer benefits​

Sensor configuration with LR DEVICE​
The intuitive software finds all IO-Link masters in the network and creates an overview of the whole plant. Besides, all sensors connected are indicated with the respective parameters. This means that parameter setting of all sensors in the system is possible from one central point.

Easy sensor connection​
The sensors and actuators are connected via standard M12 connection cables without screening. Depending on the device type, up to 4 or 8 IO-Link sensors can be connected and supplied with up to 3.6 A. With the EVC693 accessories, additional auxiliary power for the connection of IO-Link actuators can be supplied. The cable can be up to 20 m long.

Direct connection to the IT​
The integrated LR AGENT EMBEDDED is capable of transmitting the process values directly to ERP systems, without detour via the PLC. This second communication path is available in parallel to the fieldbus via the bus wiring.

12 amperes on an M12 connector​
The master supply and the auxiliary power for the actuators are supplied via T-coded M12 connectors. The energy can be looped through the master (daisy chain).

Connection technology