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200°C below 2 s: Fast, hygienic temperature transmitter

Compact design with excellent response time and extended measuring range

  • Measuring range of -50...200 °C, scalable via IO-Link 1.1
  • Very fast response time: T05 / T09 = < 0.5 s / < 2 s
  • LED for visualisation of the operating status
  • Versions with different hygienic process connections
  • Different installation lengths from 25...150 mm

Analogue and IO-Link
The temperature transmitter has an analogue output with 4...20 mA. The parameters are set via the integrated IO-Link interface.

Fast and precise
The Pt1000 measuring element of class A achieves a high precision with the factory-internal calibration.
The innovation besides the wide measuring range is the excellent response time. Therefore the sensor is suitable for all highly-precise and fast processes in hygienic environments.

Transparent and flexible
An LED clearly signals the readiness for operation. Compact design, integrated process connections and different probe lengths enable easy and flexible installation.