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The Summit - the move begins

By 1st of April 2019, all companies from Siegen that belong to the ifm group will have moved to one location. The youngest ifm location "The SUMMIT" houses about 300 ifm specialists from all Industry 4.0 areas in one high-tech centre.

Hence, the ifm location in Siegen is part of the Industry 4.0 strategy of the ifm group of companies. Following this strategy, solutions for the digitisation of the entire value chain "from sensor to ERP" are being developed, offered and implemented. The subsidiaries pmdtechnologies ag and GIB mbH as well as ifm solutions gmbh (formerly TiSC AG) together with the new ifm services gmbh (formerly QOSIT Informationstechnik GmbH) are moving to the new high-tech centre "The SUMMIT" in Siegen's industrial estate Martinshardt.

What is the significance of the new location "The SUMMIT"?

The new location in Siegen is, first of all, a sign of the confidence that the ifm group of companies has in the future of this business area, a remarkable investment into the region and, most of all, a positive signal to the employees. Bringing these companies together from their separate locations is not only a geographical, but also a cultural step towards a big ifm family. The combination of highly talented and specialised teams from all Industry 4.0 areas make "The SUMMIT" an ideal place to work on innovative ideas and successful products. Shorter distances, improved infrastructure and new and modern workplaces make collaboration for everyone involved easier, more efficient and more successful in all regards.