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Spotted: ifm in the Belantis amusement park

In the Belantis amusement park in Leipzig visitors can experience an ultimate adrenaline rush in more than 60 attractions. To survive this undamaged the gigantic swing boat "Santa Maria" is equipped with ifm sensors.

Fun for young and old - when the boat is swinging, this may give you a funny feeling in your stomach. To ensure that nobody gets injured the seat locks are equipped with GG507S fail-safe sensors from ifm. They ensure that everybody are safely buckled up before the boat starts swinging.

To prevent the swing boat from swinging in one direction all the time, a DR2503 monitors the rotational direction and speed. This ensures that from a certain point the boat swings in the other direction.

Moreover, two OA5102 sensors probably monitor the swing-in and swing-out phase so that the boat does not move out of the measuring zone. In addition, invisible safety sensors are mounted under the "Santa Maria".