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Sustainability Report

Our second Sustainability Report, which in addition to our strategic approaches and measures also contains a comprehensive sustainability programme, is the result of a great team effort by many colleagues who contributed with their enthusiasm and commitment to its publication. We hope you find it an interesting read.

About this report

This is the second Sustainability Report of the ifm group of companies – taking the form of a more compact sustainability update. The content has been prepared in accordance with GRI standards. Some information, for example in the field of ‘environment’, is subject to external audits. For environmentrelated statements on products or manufacturing, components of the environmental statement were also used, which was prepared in accordance with the EU regulation for environmental management (eco management and audit – EMAS). An independent environmental audit was carried out for the environmental statement. Unless otherwise indicated, the statements in this report apply to the entire ifm group of companies and refer to the financial year 2020 (1 January 2020 to 31 December 2020). The consolidated financial statement for 2020 of the ifm group of companies, which commercial law prescribes for publication, is expected to be published in the electronic Bundesanzeiger during the last quarter of 2021. The editorial deadline was 21 July 2021.

The next Sustainability Update is scheduled for summer 2022. The next comprehensive report according to the GRI standards is scheduled for summer 2023.