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ifm goes purple

Friday 17 November 2017 was World Prematurity Day. On this day, prematurity and its consequences are marked around the world.

Every year, about 60,000 babies are born prematurely in Germany: that means every 10th child is a "preemie". Premature infants constitute the largest group among child patients in Germany. Nevertheless, there is not enough public awareness of the problems and risks linked to these children's development.

On the initiative of the parent counselling "Frühstart"/Bunter Kreis of the paedriatic clinic I at Essen University Hospital, many companies - including ifm - and other institutions in Essen participated in the campaign "Purple of Preemies" to attract attention to premature delivery. In the context of this campaign, the Glückaufhaus was illuminated in purple – the official colour of "World Prematurity Day" – at dusk.

The idea to illuminate buildings around the world originally came from the American organisation March of Dimes and is becoming more and more popular. In Germany, Heidelberg Castle (on the initiative of the Heidelberg parents' association "Das Frühchen e.V.") and a wing of the Charité have already been illuminated in purple as well.

The illumination again proves that ifm shows commitment - for all the world to see.