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Analytical sensors

  • Compact conductivity sensors for the food industry
  • Inductive and conductive conductivity sensors
  • Robust sensors for the monitoring of oil quality
  • Relative humidity and concentration of particles

Conductivity sensors

Conductivity sensors are pre-destined for use in the food industry. They detect the conductivity and concentration of different media and can differentiate between e.g. cleaning agents, rinsing water, and the food product. This means that it is not only possible to constantly track the product but also to reduce the waste of product and rinsing water – all possible without making adjustments to the sensor.

Oil sensors monitor the quality of hydraulic fluids and lubrication oils. To be more precise the particle monitor type LDP detects the purity level / level of contamination of mineral-, ester- and bio-oils. The oil humidity sensor type LDH measures the relative humidity and concentration of water in oil.

Analytical sensors make an important contribution to condition-based monitoring and the avoidance of downtime.