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Accurate non-contact temperature measurement

Infrared temperature sensors with IO-Link and integrated LED pilot light for alignment and control

  • IO-Link, analogue output 4...20 mA and switching output, freely programmable
  • Adjustable for different target materials
  • Scratch-resistant precision lenses for minimum sensitivity to ambient light
  • LED pilot light for alignment and control
  • Simulation function: activated on the sensor or by external control signal

Non-contact temperature measurement
For the precise temperature measurement of particularly hot objects or objects which are difficult to access, e.g. in the steel, plastics or glass industries. The measured value is provided via the analogue output. In addition, a switching output and an IO-Link interface are provided.

Integrated LED pilot light
The pilot light shows the user the exact position and size of the measuring segment. The green light is visible very well even on glowing surfaces. Besides a low current consumption, the LED is distinguished by a virtually unlimited lifetime.

Batch-related programming
Thanks to the integrated IO-Link communication interface, the parameters can be dynamically adjusted to the application from the control room. Local parameter setting on the unit is not necessary, but can optionally be done via the buttons and the display.