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Maintenance-free level detection

Reliable deposit suppression, shock and vibration resistant in a robust stainless steel housing

  • Most reliable deposit suppression on the market
  • Flexible installation independent of the orientation
  • Shock and vibration resistant in a robust stainless steel housing
  • Factory set for simple plug & play
  • Differentiation of media by switch point setting

Level under control
The LMC family reliably monitors levels, e.g. in machine tools or wastewater management, or protects pumps from running dry. The option of a thread at the back permits variable installation depths and application-specific installation.

Versatile sensor for all media
The LMC sensor can be set to almost any liquid or viscous medium as well as to bulk materials. Permanent medium temperatures up to 100 °C or a heavy build-up are no problem. The differentiation between two media is possible due to the two switching outputs which can be set independently. The parameters can be set with IO-Link and USB interface accessory E30396.