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RFID 125 kHz with AS-Interface

RF identification system for 125 kHz

The RF identification system for 125 kHz enables non-contact reading from and/or writing to RFID transponders (ID tags). The compact evaluation systems include, in addition to the antenna, the complete evaluation and the interface to AS-Interface. So the units can be operated directly in the AS-i network. The data is converted into digitally coded values and provided to the AS-i control level without further programming. Applications are found in production lines, where the units are used for material flow control. Up to 31 devices can be controlled by an AS-i master. The ifm system solution app can be used for easy configuration of the RFID system. No special software is required; a web browser is sufficient.

Besides, the RFID handheld reader/writer allows the user to read and write RFID tags directly at the installation. The unit is connected to a PC via the USB interface. The required software is supplied with the unit.