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AS-Interface I/O modules - Illuminated pushbutton modules

  • Two digital inputs on pushbuttons and two outputs on LED indicators, free colour selection
  • Up to 62 illuminated pushbutton modules per AS-i network can be connected
  • Combined power / communication error indication
  • No additional power supply required
  • Quick and easy mounting

AS-Interface I/O modules - Illuminated pushbutton modules

Illuminated pushbutton modules

The illuminated AS-i pushbutton modules can be used as a start and stop button on machines, as enable switches and for opening and closing gates. The pushbuttons have a tactile press point. Powerful LEDs as optical feedback signal that the module has been activated. They can also be controlled via AS-Interface.
The upper and lower parts of the modules are mounted with screws. Connection of the two-wire flat cable by means of insulation displacement technology ensures reverse polarity protection. Their high protection rating makes the modules ideally suited for field use in harsh industrial environments.
Two light indicators and two pushbuttons are integrated in the space-saving housing. Different colour inserts and modules with key-operated switches are available.