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RFID UHF - Antény

  • Antény pro každou aplikaci: velmi krátký, krátký, střední a široký dosah
  • Široký čtecí dosah na velké vzdálenosti
  • Vysoká selektivita na malé vzdálenosti


UHF antennas for RFID enable non-contact reading from and/or writing to RFID transponders (ID tags). The data is converted into digitally coded values and provided to the AS-i control level without further programming.
UHF antennas are offered for four ranges - ultra low range, low range, mid range and wide range. Thanks to the robust rectangular housing with high protection rating, the units can withstand even harsh industrial environments.
UHF antennas are typically used in production, intralogistics and conveying. The read range of low-range antennas means that individual pharmaceutical products can be selected so that each medication can be monitored from production onwards.
Mid-range antennas are recommended for access systems of ski lifts, buses or trains. Tickets can thus be checked at medium distance.