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AS-Interface for hazardous areas - AirBoxes for pneumatic applications

  • Pneumatic digital and analogue modules for use in non-conductive dusts
  • Very safe mounting and high protection rating
  • Slide valves free from overlapping
  • Three freely selectable directions of the flat cable
  • Extended addressing mode

AirBoxes for pneumatics

The AS-i AirBox is a combination of an I/O module and a solenoid valve. In pneumatic applications, it is used for decentralised control of cylinders or valves, flaps and slides actuated by valve actuators. In conjunction with an impact protection housing it can be used in hazardous areas, e.g. in flour and grain silos or in concentrated feed and animal feed plants.
The AirBox can be mounted onto the AS-i flat cable without any tools, considerably reducing installation and wiring complexity. The decentralised application near the actuator increases energy efficiency.
The product range includes AirBoxes with different valve functions.
The AirBox in 2 x 3/2-way design is an excellent choice for the connection of two single-acting cylinders. In the event of compressed air failure these cylinders go into a safe position.
The 5/2-way AirBoxes (monostable/bistable) and the 5/3-way AirBoxes are used with double-acting actuators. This valve function prevents, for example, dropping of a load in the event of compressed air failure due to the blocked middle position.