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Safety relays - Safe standstill monitoring

  • Speed detection through pulse comparison of two sensors
  • Redundant structure of the hardware
  • Redundant evaluation of the pulse sequences
  • Relay with positively-driven contacts
  • Four switch points selectable

Safe standstill monitoring

The DA standstill monitor is a pulse evaluation system for safe detection of underspeed or standstill. It receives the pulses from the sensors connected on the inputs as pulse pick-ups and calculates the frequency. By continuously comparing the input frequency (actual value) and the switch point (preset value), the unit promptly detects underspeed or standstill.
For example, the standstill monitor can be used on a rotating machine part such as a drive, motor or shaft to determine whether it has been brought to a standstill due to a braking action. Any damage to persons or installations is reliably prevented.