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Fail-safe inductive sensors

  • Certification to EN 60947-5-3 for electromechanical controlgear
  • Ensuring operator and machine safety
  • No special actuator for electronic fail-safe sensors required
  • Connection of the sensors to safety plc or safe AS-i module
  • Series connection of sensors and contacts possible

Fail-safe sensors

The fail-safe sensor increases the uptime and safety of installations and can be connected to approved evaluation units without cross-fault monitoring. Wear-free operation guarantees low maintenance costs of the installation. Faults such as coil break or coil short circuit are diagnosed and the sensor passes into the defined safe state. Even a cross fault between the supply voltage and one of the two outputs does not affect the safety function of the sensor. Inductive safety applications are special applications which require a non-contact and safe detection of a metal object.
Applications include reliable positioning on rotary indexing tables and machine tools, safe triggering of slow travel or switching off in end positions for presses, gantry robots and actuators or safe area monitoring for robots.